you can’t find it in supermarkets. The situation

In this summer of 2022, we have faced many emergencies, including that of the lack of sparkling water, given the lack of carbon dioxide.

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Sparkling water is rare, in fact, in some cities it has completely ended up on supermarket shelves. In Turin, for example, only natural water is now purchased and bubble lovers have had to readjust their tastes and preferences in terms of bottled water.

Sant’Anna was the first to sound the alarm about the shortage of carbon dioxide, due to the increase in production and transport costs following the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine. Since then, many companies have joined to denounce this deficiency. And also how it is no longer worth producing carbon dioxide given the exorbitant costs. But are things changing? That, along with lower fuel prices, even bubble production could return to the top?

New for sparkling water: bottles are back in supermarkets

Fortunately, the situation is slowly improving. In particular, indeed, it seems that the trucks are supplying the Turin supermarkets after a first moment of crisis. The alarm launched by Alberto Bertone, therefore, CEO of the Sant’Anna company, is back. Concerns about carbon dioxide shortages, as well as sparkling water, had also heightened uncertainty about carbonated soft drinks.

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The latter, however, do not appear to have suffered any losses yet: they have never been missing from supermarket shelves and, now that sparkling water is also making a comeback, fizzy drink lovers can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Apart from the problems with the bubbles themselves, in Turin they also had to deal with another inconvenience. Indeed, among the few batches of sparkling mineral water present in stores in the Piedmontese capital, some have been withdrawn due to staphylococcal contamination. In short, sparkling water is having a hard time in 2022… or at least it has been so far!

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