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You shouldn’t miss this precious coin because you could immediately have a nice nest egg in your hands.

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Not a fan of numismatics? Do not worry, do the same, because this time it is something that is likely to interest all those who want to earn a nice nest egg without effort.

Oh yes, because it is not a small number, indeed, and in the next lines we would like to give you a piece of advice that we think is very pleasant for each of us.

In fact, we are not talking about something of minimal value, on the contrary, it can easily be considered a nice little treasure. And, in addition, you will not have to look for who knows which part scattered in your drawers, because in this case the part in question is very common and still used today.

Our currency, which has passed the age of majority, in circulation for twenty years, represents a milestone in Italian history.

Over time, perhaps especially in the first moments of the change, there had been controversies, perhaps not everyone wanted to accept this passage and thus abandon the Lira.

However, by now two decades have passed and probably many people have gotten used to the idea, even those who have lived most of their lives with the old coin.

But let’s get to the point. From now on, try to pay attention to a 2 euro coin, especially one that has been chosen for commemorative purposes. So let’s see why.

Indeed, these coins are inevitably sought after by collectors, since they represent not only relevant characters and events, but also for the simple reason that over the years they acquire more and more value.

A princess of great value

So it would be foolish to miss an opportunity like this, so at this point only care about one thing and that is to be careful if you get the coin depicting a beloved and lamented princess in your hands .

The 2 euro commemorative coin with Grace Kelly (Facebook)

It is in fact Grace Kelly, the eternal icon of elegance and former actress who later abandoned Hollywood and a brilliant career after becoming the wife of Prince Rainier III.

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Died in 1982 following a car accident, the Principality of Monaco therefore decided to mint a few copies in her honor. Well, this piece, dated 2007, is currently worth more than 1200 euros.

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