Withdrawal at the ATM has the hours counted: important news on the way

Withdrawing from an ATM is really counting the hours: indeed, important news for users is on the way. What is happening? Details not to be missed.

ATM Cards (Photo from Pixabay)

ATMs allow a large number of transactions and facilities for users. I’m not just talking about cash withdrawal, but also the possibility of being able to make payments or request your bank statement. In short, short trips to avoid the boring queue.

Unfortunately, however, we should say goodbye to ATMs very soon, because important news is on the way. This happens because technological progress is on the agenda and also directly involves money. What will happen shortly?

Withdrawing from an ATM will no longer be a common gesture. Here’s what you need to know for the future

As we just mentioned, big money-related changes are expected. The ATM, in fact, is about to become decidedly obsolete and out of order. What should we expect?

ATM machine (Image from Pixabay)

For several years (also due to covid) many users have preferred electronic payment to cash. Consequently, the lack of an ATM is less and less felt, so much so that many banks are born solely and exclusively online without having a physical headquarters.

There is no structure, but our current accounts are only addressed via the Internet and home banking. It’s a whole new world to discover right now, but it’s probably what awaits us for our near future. This is because money is increasingly under scrutiny.

The government, in fact, has promulgated very important regulations aimed at guaranteeing the protection of the citizen and above all at avoiding suspicious movements. Not only the type of withdrawal, but also the frequency of these actions will come under scrutiny. Eventually, investigations will be carried out by the State.

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But that’s not all, because the problem of commissions is about to be solved once and for all thanks to important advances.

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