with the drought of the rivers, treasures reappear that change the course of history

Incredible archaeological discoveries: with the drought of the rivers, real treasures arise from afar for the world that change the course of history.

Archaeologist (Image from Pixabay)

In recent weeks, our country has been affected by a very important phenomenon: we are talking about the drought of rivers. However, this huge problem brought to light something truly exceptional. I am referring to the countless archaeological finds that have been recorded.

We are in the presence of something really sensational, without forgetting that it comes from a sudden climate change. The lack of rain has caused some of the main rivers of the Italian territory to dry up, bringing the hidden treasures of the past into vogue. Let’s see them up close.

Exciting archaeological discoveries: hidden treasures of history have emerged from the shallows of rivers

But let’s start with the capital: quite recently, the remains of what is called the Neronian Bridge have been unearthed. It is a construction that was commissioned by Emperor Nero to allow a better connection.

Neroniano Bridge (Photo from Instagram)

Italy is definitely the protagonist of these discoveries: a German half-track that belonged to the years of the Second World War came out of the Po bank. The powerful vehicle was analyzed and taken into custody by the Superintendency of Mantua. Personal remains of the soldiers were also found inside.

The Po has also given us other important marvels. You have to travel near Vercelli, when a group of archaeologists brought to the surface blocks – presumably belonging to a bridge or defensive bastions – which were brought back to medieval times.

But that’s not all, as more sensational discoveries have been recorded over the weeks. In Iraq, for example, at the beginning of June, thanks to the work of a major excavation campaign, the remains of an ancient city dating back more than 3,400 years have resurfaced. It was established that it could be the city of Zakhiku – the hub of the empire.

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It should be kept in mind that we are in the presence of important archaeological discoveries, but still confronted with the problem of the dryness of the rivers.

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