who owns the category is rich and does not know it

Increasingly targeted, coins are worth a fortune if they are part of a special minting class.

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Numismatics has exceptional records for coins. It doesn’t matter whether they belong to the old or the new part. The most popular feature is their uniqueness. Industry insiders recommend anyone with a particular currency to look to them.

Online, there are sites where these professionals make their expertise available. Just take close-up photos of both sides of the parts and the side knurling. Professionals will be quick to give the right answer and maybe even an offer will escape us.

An alternative is to go to auction and have the piece appraised, which is probably rare. Today numismatics introduces another category of coins that are more unique than rare. These are the so-called exhibits. This is a special build designed as a prototype for a new trading system.

Special circulation coins. A category is rare and highly sought after

Sometimes the Mint makes a particular production as a probability of putting it on the market in the future. We know how often coins are issued to mark a solemnity or a historical commemoration.

These are hard to find pieces and sometimes they fall into the hands of people who have no idea they have a strong piece in their hands. Among the special pieces there is one called Flora and Fauna nell’Arte. They were minted between 2011 and 2016 and were dedicated to the Renaissance, Baroque and Middle Ages.

After 6 years, those who have this exceptional draw could win up to 2000 euros. The coin minted during the first thirty years of the last century has a period value. The coin must show on the obverse the image of the king’s head with the inscription Vittorio Emanuele III king and emperor.

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On the reverse must appear the effigy of the imperial eagle with outstretched wings surmounted by the inscription Italy. The particularity of this piece is the proof written on the edge. Anyone who owns this coin should know that its value is around 1200 euros.

If interested, contact a numismatist immediately to be sure of valuation and possibly compensation.

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