White shark, what are the real secrets of the great predator of the seas: the truth

The seas are full of them. The great white shark has mastered salt water, and studies warn of a sensational find.

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They are only scary at sight. However, it is the largest predator in the oceans. Sharks are mammoth in size. The body is white in the case of the homonymous animal. A double row of teeth and whatever people say is not so dangerous for humans.

It’s hard to digest like the truth but it would just seem like a harmless species. Maybe for the white shark it’s another matter since even the cinema has put on its own to pass it off as the terror of the seas. It has already been established that the aggression of divers or surfers is due to clothing.

The favorite prey of sharks are seals and the costume of these sportsmen evokes in the eyes of these animals the smooth skin of seals. Not everyone may know that these animals have many amazing features. Researchers are always updating the research on these huge inhabitants of the seas.

White shark, the species imposes a particular gene that makes them special

A great white shark has an impressive length of up to 7m. One of their characteristics is their lifespan. White sharks even reach the age of 75, the reason is quickly said. Experts have done extensive work on the DNA of these predators.

Their genome is more resistant than that of humans, the data speak for themselves. Cancer is almost non-existent in their marine life, in fact white sharks are protected from this pathology. Researchers have identified genomic stability that counteracts cellular degeneration.

There are fast-acting clotting agents in their DNA. A fast contribution for the constitution of effective proteins which will immediately reconstitute the new layers of flesh after lacerations and wounds. An exclusive healing of their kind.

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A requirement that makes them the owners of the so-called “seven lives” like cats. A striking discovery by the team to be evaluated also in today’s medicine. In the future, it could also be used to treat cancer cells in human beings.

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