Whirlwind on the beach: what happened is incredible

After a very hot summer, the weather deteriorates, bringing torrential rains, cool temperatures and tornadoes everywhere. Even on this beach in southern Italy!

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While the north of Italy is affected by strong storms coming from France, in the south the temperatures seem to remain quite stable… and quite high. In general, the presence of the African anticyclone keeps the days and skies clear, with temperatures that drive thermometers crazy and even those who can’t stand an average of 40 degrees centigrade well.

In the northern regions, however, the pressure is decreasing, causing the appearance of high winds, thunderstorms and even in some cases hail. The same applies to certain regions of central Italy, for example the coasts of Tuscany, those of Lazio, certain points of the Marches and Umbria. Here, in fact, thunderstorms have been recorded that promise to return even on weekends.

Spectacle of nature: whirlpool on the beach in southern Italy

But there is a region, in the south of Italy, where the weather is less clement, quite the contrary! We are talking about Tortora, a town in the province of Cosenza near Praia a Mare, where a whirlwind has just occurred on the beach. The video of the event, suggestive and disturbing at the same time, shows us a raging sea due to the enormous amount of water and hail falling from the sky. Overcast skies and sunshades and deckchairs irretrievably wet from the rain.

In the background, in the video, it is possible to hear the voices of people who had to take refuge under the canopy of a beach in the region, watching the spectacle of nature appear before them from the raised terrace. The month of August is indeed a month usually affected by so-called summer storms, which were particularly lacking this summer.

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Precisely because of the lack of rain, our country has had to face a state of emergency regarding the lack of water, to be devoted mainly to irrigating the fields. Many of Italy’s largest rivers have seen their water flow drastically decrease: for example, the Tiber, which in the city of Rome has dropped to levels never seen before. I the Po, whose mouth rose 70 meters.

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