where to run to fill up?

Fuel prices are skyrocketing, but there is a happy oasis where gas costs have been dramatically reduced.

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Rising fuel prices around the world are putting millions of people in crisis, facing unmanageable inflation. Thanks to the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but also to the delicate socio-political conditions in the world, the price of fuel is skyrocketing.

And the gasoline bonus of 200 euros is useless, nor the temporary abatement of excise duties put in place by the Italian government. What we really need, especially in view of the summer holidays, is a terrific fuel price. There is a happy place in Europe where this is exactly what is happening: what is it?

In France, gasoline is almost free!

We are talking about France, there, indeed gasoline will be sold at the price of only 85 cents per liter until at least the end of August 2022. It is a rather attractive promotion for those who learn it, all the more that the average fuel price in Italy is currently around two euros per litre.

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The chain of distributors who decided to offer this promotion is called Casino. This is how things work: the price of fuel is practically the same as what we have in our country, but in return there is cashback. What do you mean? In the sense that for each liter of gasoline purchased, Casino issues the purchaser a voucher worth €1.30 to spend in supermarkets of the same brand.

A marketing gimmick to ensure huge cash and merchandise turnover within Casino vending machines and supermarkets. The good news is for the French and also for those who are lucky enough to live on the border with France. While for the Italians things remain virtually unchanged, in terms of fuel costs.

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Luckily, however, we are about to go on vacation, and although refueling will affect the cost of the vacation, at least we will be able to relax by the sea, at the lake, in the mountains or in the city!

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