where they hide and which coasts to avoid

Danger white shark in Italy: here is where they hide and which coasts to absolutely avoid. Do not miss.

Shark (Image from Pixabay)

Sharks are among the most feared animals by man: especially for the ferocity of their attack and for their biting jaws. It is considered a predator of the sea and feared for its mammoth size.

They are extremely intelligent and carefully assess how and who to attack. Surviving his possible attack is almost impossible. We are used to believing that we can only find them in tropical seas, but we are wrong.

Great white shark, danger in Italian seas. Here are the latest observations

As just mentioned, the white shark tends to inhabit tropical seas, but in recent years it has also been reported here in Italy. Let’s discover its characteristics and which coasts to avoid.

The Great White Shark (Image from Pixabay

Its name mainly derives from the large white patch found on the lower part of the back. Like all other sharks, once it catches its catch, it violently shakes its head stunning it and then devours it.

It can live an average of around 50 years and is one of the largest and most mammoth specimens. It reaches a length of about 8 meters for a weight of around 680 kilograms. As for the teeth: use the lower arch to fix and the upper part to slice.

Can we really find them also in Italy? Yes, it is possible and one of the last sightings was a few years ago. It’s 2017 when the huge creature is recorded in the waters of the Adriatic Sea, especially near the Emilian coast.

Why did they move here too? The reason is simple: due to climate change, this scary animal – attracted to warm waters – can find a comfortable habitat even near our sea.

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But it does not stop there, since its presence over the years has become more and more massive and some specimens have also been identified in Puglia and Sicily. A danger to man.

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