Whatsapp, news finally arrives: all the details

The new features announced a few months ago for Whatsapp are finally coming: the date and what will change on the messaging application.

Whatsapp (photo: @whatsapp Instagram)

Whatsapp is the most used messaging app in the world. Now it has been part of the life of each of us for several years and is downloaded by more and more users.

Over time, the new features have increased considerably, making it a complete application and able to meet the different needs of users. Steps forward from the very first versions have been made, and will be made, with continuous updates and always in motion.

In particular, at the beginning of 2022, a fairly substantial novelty was announced by Zuckerberg. One new thing we haven’t heard of since then was the end of April. But some rumors are starting to circulate that could give us a rather indicative picture.

Turning Whatsapp, here are the ‘communities’: how they will work and when they will be operational

The announcement made by Zuckerberg concerned the so-called “communities”. A new feature of Whatsapp which however has not yet seen the light of day. It has also not been specified exactly what it is. The ‘WABetaInfo’ blog, however, attempts to shed light on the mystery.

The portal managed to access the beta version of Whatsapp for Android, exactly The icon, represented by three stylized people, must be positioned at the top right of the application’s home page.

Apparently communities will be used to create sub-groups, up to a maximum of ten. Each of them should be able to have up to 512 members. For users, there will be the option to join the community through one of the groups, which can be dropped without necessarily leaving the community itself.

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The arrival should now be done shortly, more or less by the beginning of autumn. However, it is possible that initially they will only be available in the US market and not in the European market.

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