WhatsApp, another useful update is coming for all devices

A real revolution, finally, that it is likely that many users have been waiting for a long time.

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Meta Platforms Inc (Instagram)

whatsapp messenger, nowadays it is certainly the most popular free instant messaging service in the world. Its ease of use, the convenience of being able to send photos and other types of files, in fact, have made it very attractive to thousands of users.

It is therefore difficult to counter it since it has been the undisputed master of our smartphones for several years now. Currently, therefore, it would be almost unthinkable now to think of doing without it.

We also remember that the popular application in question was created in the early 2000s by entrepreneurs Jan Koum and Brian Acton.

Later, however, precisely in February 2014, it was acquired by the American company Meta Platforms, the one that also controls Facebook, so to speak, and of which Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO.

Over time, however, WhatsApp, step by step, has continued to improve with interesting and useful updates that certainly make it even more enjoyable to use.

The advantages of this application are numerous, such as the possibility of vowels which make the task of writing long texts less boring or even the fact of being able to delete a message as soon as it has been sent at once with the option ‘Eliminate for meʼ and ‘Eliminate for allʼ.

New for all devices

However, still on the track, it seems for the moment that a new update is coming which will be useful for all aficionados.

Smartphone with WhatsApp installed (Pixabay)

Yes, because the developers of the green application have seen fit to further satisfy users with another must-have feature.

We are referring to the fact that apparently soon you will even be able to edit a message even after sending it to the recipient.

In particular, it looks like the update in question will likely be available in late summer for Android devices and iPhones.

In short, in this sense, therefore, you will also have the opportunity to say goodbye to various misunderstandings due, perhaps, to spelling mistakes or typos.

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However, it also seems that whoever receives the message will be notified of the change made through a notification. The news also seems to extend to individual and group chats. What are you saying, it was about time, right?

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