What is happening? The present situation

Nuclear risk across Europe: what happens at the border? The current situation is degenerating. The UN is also involved.

Nuclear Alarm (Photo from Pixabay)

It is just past 5 am when we hear the first bombings in Ukraine. The country wakes up under the attack of the Russians. It is the beginning of a new conflict. The attempts of the previous days were in vain. The war begins on February 24.

In a few minutes, everything seems to stop again: countless explosions recorded in the city of kyiv. Odessa and Mariupol will be soon after. The news does not speak of anything else. Displaced families, orphaned children.

The Russian military shows no signs of stopping – despite numerous invitations from various heads of state. The bombs fall more and more often. The Zaporizhzhia nuclear zone is also targeted. These are hours of high tension.

Nuclear alert in Europe, alert rises in Zaporizhzhia. What could happen? The details

The latest news on the conflict is not reassuring. The United States and the UN are also involved. Zaporizhzhia stormed by shelling. Europe in peril.

The latest news is that Moscow and kyiv continue to bounce back from bombing too close to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear zone. But that’s not all, because Europe is also concerned. The risk is really around the corner.

The nuclear alert is becoming more and more concrete and in this regard, the United States and the UN have also intervened, asking to liberate the area from the armies as soon as possible. As we said, Russia accuses Ukraine (and vice versa) of endangering the rest of the world.

Serious damage to the nuclear power plant was discovered. Several radiation detection sensors – this was revealed by Russian sources accusing Ukraine of criminal acts and of being the promoter of a possible disaster reminiscent of Chernobyl.

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What could be the damage? According to some information, the control panel is equipped with a protection system. Therefore, in the event that it was hit, such a system would be able to avoid at least the worst. Core damage is not excluded.

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