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Strange movements of planet Earth have been detected, what is really going on? Answers from experts. Do not miss.

Planet Earth (Photo from Pixabay)

Planet Earth was born about 4.5 billion years ago and is the third in the solar system. What are its main characteristics? The presence of water – in all its states of aggregation – which allows the life and survival of the species.

It has a natural satellite which is the Moon, visible even to the naked eye, capable of causing (thanks to gravitational attraction) the phenomenon of the tides. But what do we know about the movements of our planet?

It is the movements of the Earth that determine the succession of the seasons. They are two and are identified by: rotational movements and revolutions. After this very brief overview of science, what if I told you that something in his rotation is changing?

Earth, strange movements of the globe have been identified by scientists, what do they mean?

As we mentioned earlier, something in the Earth’s motions has been found not to go as planned. Let’s find out what it is.

It would seem, indeed, that our geoid moves in a different way than usual. The Earth has accelerated its rotation, but how do scientists explain this event? This is believed to be a real record.

As we know, the planet rotates around its own axis; the primacy, however, lies in the fact that the time required is very small. We are talking about 1.59 milliseconds over 24 hours (data recorded on June 29). Let’s dig deeper.

Scientists tried to answer questions about the recorded irregularity and it turned out that in this whole matter also the Sun and the Moon have their weight. Several assumptions were considered.

We kept in mind that the planet approached very close to the star – especially in the last period. Also, the constant seismic activity should not be underestimated. But that’s not all: it is also necessary to evaluate the alternating cycles of slowing down and speeding up.

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They occur approximately every fifty years. For example, in 2020 the days were much shorter, just like in 1960.

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