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As we know, the Conquistadors led to the end of the Mayan civilization, but it was not only because of them that it was destroyed. The prophecy could happen again.

A Mayan temple (Canva)

The Mayas and the Aztecs were the civilizations that faced the first conquistadores who came directly from Europe and that they contributed to annihilate, as history has unfortunately shown.

however, there is recent research that has shown how their demise, especially that of the Maya, was also due to other factors, which unfortunately for us could reoccur to the present day and have the same detrimental result.

Three researchers from the University of Santa Barbara and Albany, Marylin Masson, David Hodell and Douglas Kennet, reflected on their end. The trio examined 800 years of their history, tracing the rise and fall of their capital, Mayapan.

The results they obtained are worrying to say the least and unfortunately have points in common with the situation our country is facing.

Mayan Prophecy: Why Their Civilization Ended Hundreds of Years Ago

Analyzing the years that preceded the arrival of the Spaniards, the three scholars noted how Mayan society was plagued by internal conflicts and a deep crisis linked to the country’s resources. Also, unfortunately, it was facing a severe drought.

This “plague” led to a reduction in food and agricultural production and led to bloody riots and general discontent. Mayapan was quickly abandoned by many citizens and then eventually evacuated, with the bodies of heads of state being left in a mass grave. The three researchers then pointed out that global warming could therefore trigger a similar situation even today.

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Immediate action must be taken, as these disasters could trigger an unmanageable spiral and lead to a point of no return.

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