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As you may have noticed, there is less and less sparkling water on the supermarket shelves. Why? What is happening to the country’s stocks?

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Now bottles of sparkling water are starting to run out on supermarket shelves and what was said almost a month ago by one of the most famous mineral water bottling companies is coming true.

In supermarkets, there are fewer and fewer bottles and lovers of this type of drink fear that they will no longer be able to obtain them. What’s going on and why is it disappearing from grocery stores?

The first to talk about this problem was Acqua Sant’Anna CEO Alberto Bertone, who spoke early last month of a real bubble drink crisis.

The company he runs is one of the industry’s leading companies and sells millions of bottles every year. It is easy to understand how this inconvenience can be a great detriment to them.

Goodbye sparkling water? You can’t find it in supermarkets anymore.

The lack of carbonated water is due to the lack of carbon dioxide to produce it. The cost of Co2 has increased by 7 times its original price and even with the skyrocketing cost it is not possible to bring enough of it to market. This is why Sant’Anna has warned consumers that they will not guarantee production throughout August, but now the problem could also extend until September.

However, CO2 is also used in other sectors, such as in draft beer or for food preservation, being also used in greenhouses and for the sterilization of surgical instruments. In short, a more complex problem than we think.

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Inflation caused energy costs to skyrocket and it was obviously decided to prioritize the medical and agricultural sectors. But there is another problem that is beginning to appear on the horizon, it is that of the lower availability of nitrogen, which is used to sterilize beverage containers, and which could lead to a dramatic situation.

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