what awaits us in the next few hours

Fixed weather on the anticyclonic column. Sweltering, sweltering heat throughout the peninsula. The forecasts are not encouraging.

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There are no lazy days ahead. The weather has already given the sentence and the climate has made its abnormal wave felt. Unfortunately, the unforeseen events of climate change lie ahead, which, like never before, has been showing signs for some time.

It will be very hot even more like the one recorded in recent weeks. It is since the beginning of spring that Italy has mainly been crossed by periods of heat and strong heat. The fault lies mainly with the South African anticyclone which is aiming straight for the old continent.

At first we felt like a few days which we countered as best we could. Now weeks are looming in which the spine will smile around 40°. We had the first visit from Hannibal and then from Charon. Thanks to a few strategies and the short stay, everything passed.

Hot weather starting next weekend. Alert for temperatures around 40 degrees

Unfortunately, the forecast ahead puts us cautiously at the forefront. The African anticyclone is massively spreading over all of Italy and also over Europe. From next weekend there will be warm air masses and the peak should arrive in the middle of next week.

Temperatures will reach 40 degrees and the heat will be daily and unbearable. Italy will be panting as hard as possible and the attenuation will only pass into the new summer month. Before that, there will only be fire and repetitive flames.

Meteorologists have no doubt about the period that will affect us. The recommendations always remain the same. The shutters of the houses must remain closed especially at the hottest hours. Drink to stay hydrated and avoid leaving the house unless necessary.

Eat lightly and try to stop in ventilated and cool places. Lucky are those who own air conditioners to be used sparingly. The temperature can be maintained for a limited time. It is better to aim for degrees around 23 to be reassured.

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If the air conditioner is not supported, it is better to hang laundry at home or apply damp clothes near door or balcony exits. The humidity will be just right and the house pleasant enough to stay in. Waiting for everything to pass.

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