What are the discoveries that changed the world? We will reveal it to you

Have you ever wondered what discoveries literally changed the world? We will now reveal it to you. Do not miss the news.

DNA (Photo from Pixabay)

Studies have confirmed that early humans tried to make a living or something that could allow them to have a better lifestyle. Over the years, we have accumulated invention after invention.

Some, however, have been fundamental for the development of the planet and for allowing us, today, to enjoy many comforts. Some were intuitions, others still strokes of genius. But which are the most important? Let’s find out together.

Discoveries that changed the world? What are the most important? Here are a few

Modern high-speed trains are not born so beautiful and beautiful, but they are the result of years and years of study and improvement. They actually come from Stephenson’s very first locomotive.

Locomotive (Image from Pixabay)

Think that at the time, we are talking about the first half of the 19th century, it was called a rocket. Compared to current trains, one could also smile. It ran on rails and was initially used to transport goods such as coal. It was only later that it was decided to take the passengers on board as well.

X-rays are rightly among the discoveries that changed the world forever. It is something that was born in a mysterious and at the same time casual way. It is due to the physicist Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901.

Still in the field of engines, how not to mention the automobile. We are in 1908 when Henry Ford in the middle of the Second Industrial Revolution patented his first prototype. We then move on to Turing’s universal machine in 1936. We can compare it to a modern computer. Only this one took up an entire room.

We still remember the DNA whose discovery is due to Friedrich Miescher – Swiss biochemist. The incredible revelation of the double helix structure was born in 1953 thanks to the intervention of two other scientists: Francis Crick and James Watson.

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But that’s not all, because we must also remember the discovery of penicillin due to the intuitions of the Italian Tiberio and the study of Alexander Fleming.

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