Weekend weather, setback for scorching heat. The wind and the rain are coming

Weekend weather, a decisive setback for the heat wave is to be expected. The wind and the rain arrive on most of the national territory.

Thunderstorm (Photo from Pixabay)

For this reason 2022 the arrival of summer has definitely anticipated the times, so much so that since mid-May there have been significant increases in temperature throughout the country. Many will have breathed a sigh of relief, but this phenomenon is worrying for the environment.

The scarcity of rainfall alerted the national system causing a series of problems in agriculture and consequently also in the economy. As of today, however, something is changing and the African heat of the past few weeks is set to suffer a considerable setback.

Weekend Mateo, the African heat seems to be just a call. A fresh air disturbance is coming

As announced recently, the African heat is about to be kicked out. In recent weeks, record temperatures have been recorded throughout the national territory and in some cities they have approached 42°.

A cool air disturbance is ahead which will bring wind and precipitation spread across the peninsula. Friday, July 8 will be a particularly interesting day, when the whole north will finally be able to breathe and shelter from the sweltering heat.

But that’s not all, because there will also be a sharp drop in temperatures and drops ranging from 7 to 10 degrees. Watch out for the Center and the South, where high-intensity thunderstorms are expected in most areas.

Showers in the south will be characterized by violent hailstorms and strong wind gusts. In any case, this is a temporary situation, because already in the afternoon we could see lightning all over the territory. Sunny weather in the North.

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As we said, it will be a Friday characterized by strong winds and temperatures will reach around 30° all over the country. The sea will certainly be very rough.

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