Weather, unstable weather on the peninsula: sharply falling temperatures

Weather with bad surprises on the front of the showers. Stormy disturbances are about to hit Italy.

Weather (pixabay)

Italy will soon face truly unstable weather. The situations will be inherent to give a respite from the hot weather that we should experience between the end of July and the beginning of August. It is since March that we are subjected to a brutal climatic change.

With the arrival of spring, the days are immediately warmer. This situation was due to the arrival of the South African anticyclone. The whole peninsula was very hot with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees.

The fact was abnormal since the new season had just presented itself. The high pressure coming from the islands of Madagascar had brought the whole boot to boiling temperatures. The same situation occurred a few weeks later with the arrival of two new very suffocating fronts.

Capricious weather with thunderstorms and hail. Alert on the southern zones

Italy was invaded first by Hannibal and then by the fiery Charon. Fortunately, the population had to deal with temperatures reaching 40 degrees for a few days. Today, the peninsula can still enjoy a refresh from the Azores High.

Weather (pixabay)

However, we are short because a new parenthesis will start today. In the North and in part of the Center, rains will be localized which could take the appearance of showers and thunderstorms. The air is still heavy and a collision with cooler humidity is inevitable.

With the arrival of the evening, the disturbances will slide further south with showers towards the plains. Of course, the temperatures will drop slightly and the heat will decrease. It is precisely in these situations that you have to be vigilant about the likelihood of hail formation and heavy rain.

The new scenario will not be the most commendable given that they could take on the appearance of a storm and devastate the cultivated countryside. Still echoes the situation a few days ago that led to the formation of a whirlwind that caused panic among the citizens.

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During the weekend, everything will change quickly and hypertension will set in with the arrival of a new wave of strong heat on the Old Continent. Record temperatures that will leave little respite.

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