Weather the respite is running out, new heat wave: record heat

Time is running out, the coolness of the last days will be replaced by a burning and gradual disturbance.

Weather (pixabay)

For the past few days, the entire Italian peninsula has been crossed by a pleasant breeze coming from the Atlantic. The Azores High has eased the scorching temperatures of recent weeks. It was possible to breathe thanks to the pleasant temperatures that prevailed on the boot.

The good news was also the repeated showers which refreshed the air. Unfortunately, their intensity also caused crop damage, especially in the north. The Po Valley was also hit by a whirlpool due to the temperature range that occurred.

After so much heat, the high pressure caused the temperatures to drop significantly. On the one hand, it relieved the citizens, but on the other hand, it created such a contrast that it caused even dangerous storms. Unfortunately for us, these cool days are ending.

Weather, the African anticyclone arrives with record temperatures: hot and stifling

Meteorologists are already warning of a change that will occur in the coming weeks. Since March, the African anticyclone has been pointing straight at Europe. As Italy is the first nation to face sensual unrest, this hits us hard.

Weather (pixabay)

Now he comes back again and again to visit us. From mid-July, boiling temperatures will cover most of Europe from the far south and will surround the whole of the Old Continent without respite until the beginning of August. A real record.

We will have the chance to gradually taste the new sensual cyclone. The stay will be recorded as the longest in recent years. The days will be very sunny with peaks at 40 degrees, which will cross all of Italy, especially the Center-South.

The recommendations are always to stay under cover during peak hours, to hydrate a lot. It is essential to keep the shutters closed until dusk arrives. Air conditioners should be used with care. They can create health problems.

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Experts warn that the summer of 2022 will be long and very hot. At the beginning of September, there will be a change of direction or at least hopefully. Until then, it is better to surrender to the force of nature which will not allow a breath of fresh air for a while.

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