Weather, Saharan anticyclone punch: scorching temperatures are back

Abnormal heat continues. We expect scorching weather with streaks of thunderstorms and hail. Alert in certain regions.

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One cannot be at peace even in the period of greatest rest. August was a hot month and it’s not over yet. Meteorologists warn of a disturbance that will cross the peninsula. We won’t miss anything as it has been for weeks now.

It all started with a whim from deep South Africa. An anticyclone has decided to materialize and aim directly at the old continent, From spring there is no peace and apart from a few brief sighs, a scorching sun burns in the sky.

We were subjected to an abnormal heat wave which took the name of Charon and Hannibal. So hot and the column of mercury that splashed a thousand. In some areas, peaks of 40 degrees were recorded. A frightening drought has hit the rivers.

Weather, a warm period is approaching with hot flashes and drought

Crops have mostly suffered. During harvest time, farmers faced a scary scenario. Fruits with “dwarfism”, garden products infested with pests. All dry and a job thrown in the fields

Weather (pixaby)

The regions most affected by the drought have been forced to suspend irrigation for producers. The watersheds of the rivers were at the limit. A tragedy for farmers and also for farmers. Grazing has been affected by the lack of water in the mountain springs.

A real general natural plague. Except for a few sporadic drizzles, Italy has been breathless for months. Time does not protect us even these days. He warns us that the temperatures will soon reach 38 degrees especially in the southern regions and on the islands.

A blaze characterized by the hot Saharan winds which will bring a wave of heat and worrying suffocation. In the middle of the week, the central regions will also be affected, in particular Emilia-Romagna. The coming week will be filled with scorching heat.

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It will be necessary to wait for the hot flashes to subside and fortunately it will not take long. Experts recommend patience and shelter, especially during peak hours. Soon everything will retire and we could enjoy a good heat before the arrival of the cold season.

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