Weather, info for the next few hours: the regions concerned

The weather in recent days has brought some refreshments to some Italian regions. Let’s see, however, how it will be in the near future.

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In this last period, in various parts of Italy, as we have seen, there have been very high temperatures which have rarely given us respite.

In fact, there was what is called abnormal heat due to the African anticyclone. In short, already towards the end of May, we understood that this was the direction, and, later, the column of mercury marked degrees that made us sweat, up to 40, in certain circumstances.

In reality, however, according to the latest news, there could be a significant change. Yes, because if by chance you find yourself in urban centers and you are not on vacation in a splendid place, you may not have to suffer from the unbearable heat any longer.

This is in fact what meteorologists have been predicting for the past few hours. Perhaps, in fact, the very hot summer we have faced so far could end prematurely or at least come to a halt.

So let’s see, in the next lines, what exactly this means and what, for now, are the predictions for the next few days. We can’t know for sure how the coming August will turn out, the fact is that soon there could be a turning point for all those suffering from the heat.

Probably, as reliable sources reveal, this speech is worth little for the southern regions, and especially for the northern regions.

The other predictions

The northern regions, in fact, could be affected by some instability, with an arrival of thunderstorms and showers. This situation will therefore particularly affect the plain areas of the northwest and subsequently the northeast, in particular Triveneto.

Thunderstorm (Pixabay)

Although it is not completely excluded that this similar condition can also occur in Emilia-Romagna and in the central ridge of the Apennines, such as, for example, in Marche and Abruzzo.

In these areas, there could therefore be high intensity phenomena, gusts of wind, and even, in some cases, even storms. As we have already mentioned, therefore, in the south and in the central Tyrrhenian zone, it seems that the temperatures will remain unchanged.

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Be careful though, because around the beginning of August the climate could return to what it was before also in the northern regions thanks to another wave of warm African air.

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