Weather alert on Italy, great concern before the weekend

The weather for the next few days does not reassure us, the alarm goes off for what will happen this weekend: the forecasts.

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The summer season is characterized almost continuously by murderous temperatures and an almost tropical climate even at night. The heat wave that has hit the peninsula since the end of May and lasted until a few days ago has caused many difficulties. Now it seems that the summer season is definitely over, according to what has been going on for a few days already.

Disturbances and showers characterized the second half of August. And while it is true that a little cooling was finally expected, sweeping away the mantle that weighed on our cities, in some cases the storms were so heavy that they caused considerable damage. In short, we go from one extreme to the other, and the feeling is that it’s not over here, on the contrary.

The weather forecast for next weekend does not encourage optimism. The good weather of the summer season will probably only be a memory and in many cases worrying scenarios are predicted.

Weather, between September 2 and 3 a wave of sensational bad weather over Italy: all the details

The forecasts of the well-known expert, Colonel Mario Giuliacci, speak of numerous thunderstorms that will cross Italy from Wednesday, to intensify particularly between Friday September 2 and Saturday September 3.

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The Atlantic disturbances, after having affected Spain and France, will reach the Center-North regions, then move quickly to other areas of the peninsula. From Wednesday there will be thunderstorms in all northern regions, as well as in Tuscany, Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo, Molise and Lucania.

On Thursday, it will be the turn of Campania to be affected by the rains, in addition to the usual Centre-North, which will be affected by the storm front practically until Sunday. Between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the islands, Sicily and Sardinia, will be the most affected, with still some showers in Campania.

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The situation could be further aggravated, warns ‘3BMeteo’, by a front coming from the Scandinavian regions. The meeting between the two disturbances could, especially in northern Italy, favor particularly intense showers.

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