Weather alert, big storms on the way: watch out for hail

Weather alert Sunday August 7, heavy storms expected in the North and in the lower Tyrrhenian Sea: watch out for hail. The details.

Thunderstorm (Image from Pixabay)

We must admit that this summer of 2022 started much earlier than expected, offering us beautiful and intense sunny days already from mid-May. Touch very high temperatures that affected the entire peninsula. Especially in large islands with peaks of 40°.

In fact, during these months we have witnessed very rare thunderstorms, so much so that we have encountered the problem of drought that has involved the main rivers and lakes of the Italian national territory.

Setback of the sweltering heat for this Sunday in August, especially in the northern regions which will experience a few hours of warning for the strong storms expected. Watch out for hail intensifying in the innermost areas of the Lower Tyrrhenian Sea.

The weather, the violent rains will affect a large part of the North. Warning: heavy storms are coming

We just mentioned that the scorching heat is about to end at least in the North, where there have been severe thunderstorms with hail. Let’s find out what the weather will be like this Sunday.

Northern Italy will have a few hours off from the scorching heat that has hit the boot in recent months. Sunday August 7 will see clouds and heavy thunderstorms across the Alps, while it will be a wake up call with sunshine for the center, south and major islands.

Seven Italian regions are particularly affected and affected by the anticyclone. Severe weather warnings are reported in Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont and Lombardy. Also pay attention to Tuscany, Veneto, Valle d’Aosta and Trentino Alto Adige.

Scattered clouds and heavy showers will not spare the areas shown. A fairly generalized instability is expected throughout the territory which will experience, only from Monday, an atmospheric improvement with the rise in temperatures. The situation is worsening in the Center and the South.

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The morning will start with partly sunny skies which will worsen as the day progresses.

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