Weather alert, a hot week awaits us: cities at risk

A new heat wave will also rage this week. So let’s see in detail what will happen.

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We almost thought there was a respite from this scorching heat. On the contrary, according to the latest forecasts, it seems that this week will certainly not be kind.

In fact, if you are one of those people who cannot stand high temperatures, you must be prepared to defend yourself in the most appropriate way because the next few days will certainly not be cool.

But, on the other hand, it seems to be the summer of records, despite some small thunderstorms from time to time which occurred especially in the northern regions.

In short, do not panic, even if it will certainly not be easy to support the heat which will return, especially if you are still in town and you do not have the possibility of cooling off in the sea or swimming. . bowl.

But anyway, let’s see, then in the following lines, give a more precise explanation of what we could expect shortly. There are those who, in fact, define it with the term of the week of the Apocalypse which precisely gives the idea of ​​what characterizes it.

In short, there will be a weather alert situation, also because the mercury column will see its maximum peak around the weekend.

Other forecast details

According to reliable sources, the fault will therefore be a mass of hot air that will hit the Bel Paese, probably caused by the African anticyclone which, from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, will move towards the European borders.

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Perhaps, say until Wednesday, the upper isotherms might still be quite far away, but that should not make us believe that there will not always be this anomalous heat to which we are unfortunately almost accustomed.

Indeed, to be honest, it is estimated that the minimums will be around 25 degrees, and perhaps more in mainland France. Currently there are many cities with red stamps, such as, for example, Milan, Bologna, Verona, Florence, Rome, Naples, Foggia and others.

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In any case, as mentioned a few lines ago, it is mainly from next Thursday that the intense heat will be perceived with maximum temperatures that can reach 40 degrees in all regions of Italy, especially from what it seems, in the North and in the Center .

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