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Italy, astonishing discovery at sea: it was believed that this species had disappeared forever. All the details of the story.

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In recent weeks, a number of very important discoveries have been recorded. The last comes directly from the bottom of our seas. A few living specimens of Pinna Nobilis have been found on the seabed of the Mar Piccolo of Taranto.

What is it about? It is also known as the feathered or common-finned mussel and is the largest bivalve in the Mediterranean Sea. Although it is a mollusk, its collection and therefore its consumption has been prohibited because it accumulates large amounts of pollutants.

Extraordinary discovery in the sea of ​​Taranto: I photograph a very rare example of Pinna Nobilis. We thought it was extinct

Something really sensational about the discovery, as it had not been seen in our waters for a long time and was considered at risk extinction.

Pinna Nobilis (Photo from Instagram)

The photographic evidence was provided by one of the volunteers of the famous association Mare per Semper. The mollusk that reigned in our sea for millions of years had disappeared, only to return again. As we said earlier, it is able to live well over twenty years and exceeds one meter in height.

What are its characteristics ? The Pinna Nobilis is formed by an outer mother-of-pearl shell, while inside it contains a kind of burr that hardens on contact with water, thus forming a kind of fiber.

It is said that in the past, especially in Roman times, women picked it up from the sea to be able to work it manually. Over time, it took on the appearance of modern silk threads with which precious fabrics were made, which only later could be given as gifts.

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But what are the causes that led to the disappearance? First of all, global warming and pollution of the seas must be taken into account. The discovery, in fact, sheds light on this species that was thought to be extinct forever.

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