we have the oldest animal in the world

The latest discoveries by scientists are rewriting history: the oldest animal in the world would be decidedly unexpected.

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Over time, the various scientific discoveries and the various findings have made it possible to reconstruct the past of humanity and our planet. We now know a lot about the birth of life on Earth and about the different civilizations that have followed one another until today.

But the thirst for discovery never subsides in the human soul and so we continue our research, to find out as much as possible about all the life forms that inhabit our planet, who can still tell us something about our ancestors. And that’s why, from time to time, we have to face really surprising discoveries, which upset everything we thought and knew about our origins.

In particular, a few years ago there was an unexpected discovery that changed everything and perhaps shed light on the oldest forms of life that appeared on our planet. In other words, those from whom we are descended. And the answer couldn’t be more surprising.

Sensational scientific discovery: the oldest animal in the world is… a sponge

Ten years ago, in fact, a group of researchers from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, had a particular interest in the paleontological field. In effect, moving the timeline of the birth of the first forms of life on earth “backwards”. Which would, in all likelihood, be sponges.

natural sponges (Pixabay photo)

In particular, Scottish scientists have found sponge fossils inside certain rocks. The dating, after analysis, could go back between 760 and 550 million years.

Confirmation could push back the appearance of the first animals on the planet by at least 100 or 150 million years. Thus, among the progenitors of all species, at the roots of the evolutionary tree, there would be sponges, like our “ancestors”.

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All this would confirm the theories of some geneticists, who in the past had hypothesized the birth of the first animals long before the “official” dating, analyzing the DNA differences between one species and another, according to the so-called “molecular clock”. .

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