Wasps, eliminate the nest without danger: the immediate solution

Wasps are not always welcome. Their nest can present real discomfort, some strategic advice to keep them away forever.

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Finding yourself with a wasp nest at home or in the immediate garden is easy. The alternatives to eliminate them can be simple but always with the right precautions. Let’s not forget that flying creatures with yellow and black stripes have a non-indifferent stinger.

They are important insects for the ecosystem. Heavy workers and misfortune to eliminate them. They are strategic for maintaining the habitat in which we live. Unfortunately, their bite causes a lot of discomfort. Without forgetting the allergic people who could relapse in a state of shock.

Wasps only attack when they feel threatened. At the sight of them it is better not to get agitated so as not to frighten them. It’s best to get away from the buzzing area as quickly as possible. They have the ability to build a weatherproof nest to rest on.

Wasps, the nest can be removed with very effective remedies

Suddenly these little creatures who have mastered the gardens may have built their little house near our homes. Unfortunately, the fear of being bitten causes us to make bad decisions. It’s actually a lot more convenient than expected.

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First of all, it should be noted that wasps and cousin bees have a different way of apprehending the resting place. Wasps have a habit of building a circular gray nest. It almost looks like cardboard. Inside are the hexagonal cells.

Without this location, the insects will have to look for a place to build another one. First we prepare a mixture of water and wine vinegar. We add sugar and the trap is ready. Wasps will be attracted and in the meantime their nest may be destroyed.

The solution should be placed close to where their shelter is. They will storm the explosive mixture.

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Another remedy is to use coffee powder. The right amount is poured into a container and set on fire to spread the aroma to where the nest is placed. Wasps hate this scent we love so much and will run away in force.

It is always better not to kill these vital presences. Better to opt for home remedies than to call the exterminators.

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