Virus Toscana, what to do if you get bitten by sandflies? The details

Virus Toscana, what to do if you get bitten by sandflies? How to defend yourself? Details not to be missed.

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The Toscana virus takes this name because it was first isolated in the Tuscany region, precisely in the province of Grosseto. It can also be dangerous to humans as it carries sandfly fever which can often progress to forms of encephalitis and meningitis.

But what are sandflies? They are insects very similar to mosquitoes, since they belong to the same family. They have the same small size, but are very harmful to humans and animals. They are mostly found in the Mediterranean region and, as we said, in humans it can cause sandflies.

Toscana virus, origin and spread of infection. What to do in case of a bite? Here are some useful tips to follow

With the arrival of summer we also witness the proliferation of insects, so not only mosquitoes, but also sandflies. In Italy, there were two cases of punctures in the Padua region. But let’s find out what to do together.

The Tuscany Virus (Image from Pixabay)

What are the differences with mosquitoes? First of all we do not hear their buzzing, but we clearly perceive their sting which, as for the first, can cause annoying itching and redness of the affected part. Some already important symptoms should not be overlooked.

The bite of the sandflies has a higher viral load than that of the mosquito, because it can also affect the nervous system. Symptoms occur a few days after the bite. Initially, the temperature may rise, which may disappear in a very short time.

There is cause for concern when severe headaches, nausea and high fever are added to these symptoms. Redness of the skin could also be added to it. In some cases, the situation disappears in a short time, in others, hospitalization is necessary to monitor the situation.

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The same goes for our four-legged friends who, during the year, must be constantly monitored and protected with specific products that protect them.

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