very high fines for the place which was the scene of a tragedy

The local mayor has instituted very high fines for those who attempt to take a selfie. The decision after the tragic death of last year.

Selfie (canvas)

Taking selfies is now common practice, but you have to be careful where you take them. In recent years, in fact, many people have lost their lives precisely because of their mobile phones. Last in chronological order is a poor 30-year-old boy who died trying to retrieve the smartphone that fell off a cliff.

And it’s not an isolated case, as other people have lost their balance or slipped while taking a photo, perhaps at the top of a ravine or in dangerous positions.

That’s why the mayor of a tourist resort decided to arrest us and impose very high fines on those who tried to take a selfie. Choice made after a woman died in one of her most defining locations last year.

Selfie in risk areas: fines of several hundred euros are coming

It takes place in Piuro, Valchiavenna, where the local mayor, Omar Iacomella, has given the green light to fines for those caught taking a selfie near the Acquafraggia waterfalls. The same place where a year ago a 42-year-old woman lost her life trying to take a photo of herself near the edge of the site.

Violators caught in the act will be fined 500 euros each, but that doesn’t seem to have scared off extreme selfie enthusiasts, as just a short time ago two people in bathing suits were reported in an area. protected with a lot of prohibition. To report the incident the same mayor on Facebook.

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“A clever trick that will cost 500 euros each to these nice customers… who don’t know the risk they run for their safety! Many of you have reported to us the presence of two people in a protected area and in a prohibited area. With the patrols, we are kindly waiting for them,” Iacomella said, clearly annoyed.

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