very heavy fines and risk of imprisonment

The highway code is composed of various rules to be respected, here are the risks if you do not respect a little known one

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The rules of the highway code are very numerous. Basic rules, to make the driving of motor vehicles safer and with which all motorists and vehicle drivers in general must comply, for better management of the road and traffic and to avoid dangerous accidents.

Of the various directives found in code, we are familiar with many, some of which are particularly straightforward. The obligation to respect road signs, to respect traffic lights, not to telephone while driving, not to drive while intoxicated, to park your car only in authorized areas, etc.

However, there are other decidedly lesser-known rules, which can lead to even severe penalties if not followed. For those who break the rules, the penalties range from monetary penalties (fines), deduction of points on the license, withdrawal of it, up to prison. All this, of course, depending on the seriousness of the alleged violation.

Highway code, the offense that can cost more than 8 thousand euros in fines and imprisonment

An obligation certainly known to all is to respect speed limits, which are very strict especially in urban centers. 50 kilometers per hour in this case, 70 on extra-urban roads, 110 or 130 on the highway, depending on the type of section. What many may not know is how high the fine can be for violating the limits.

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Indeed, we are talking about fines of up to 8,136 euros. It can also lead to confiscation of the vehicle. In addition, there is a rule which, if violated, can lead to imprisonment.

These are not cases of road homicides, which have been regulated in recent years, but of traffic with non-regulatory, unclean or counterfeit license plates. In Articles 477 and 482 of the Penal Code, we learn that imprisonment can last up to three years.

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Not only. The vehicle may be placed in administrative detention for three months, but may become final in the event of a repeat offense within two years.

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