Urban pollution, two Italian cities on the blacklist: abnormal smog

Pollution also in Italy. Two important centers feature in the list of the most polluted provinces in Europe.

Pollution (pixaby)

Unfortunately, the news is not good, and when it comes to pollution, the situation is not to be taken lightly. The plague which is invading the globe is also and above all taking hold of the beautiful country. We are not immune to the threat.

Also in the trunk there is a massive presence of all these agents who determine a problem that is difficult to solve. Smog persists especially in large industrialized cities. Regulating those responsible is expensive.

Changes need to be made to plant ventilation systems. Introduce new regulations to avoid crossing the threshold of no return. The hole in the ozone layer reminds us that we don’t have much time left.

Heavy pollution in some Italian cities, according to the European response on the environment

The European Environment Agency is used to observing the quality of life and urban development of all cities in Europe. The news is not very good with a few exceptions in the Scandinavian far north. Near-polar regions are always recorded.

Pollution (pixaby)

The list contains in chronological order the places where fine dust is concentrated, in particular the data of PM 2.5. These are particles whose dimensions are equal to or less than 2.5 microns. This is the important canon of evaluation.

Dust is able to enter the human body by infiltrating the alveoli of the lungs. It spreads in the blood, causing even very serious illnesses. Being in contact for a long time is seriously harmful to health. Masks and gloves are not enough to protect us.

Not even an Italian place emerges in the handbook of the least polluted cities. Bad news indeed. Not even an island province or the Deep South consisting mostly of mountains or plains. Green expanses do not control the emission of harmful substances.

Of course, the nicest cities to live in are in Sweden and Norway. On the other hand, they have freezing winter temperatures and heavy snowfalls. These atmospheric agents purify the air of the places which border the fatherland of Father Christmas.

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The most polluted places are also distributed in our beautiful Italy. The beauty of the sea and the food do not advance additional places in the pollution manual. Padua and Piacenza hold the black stamp for smog. Alexandria and Piacenza follow.

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