up to minus 180 euros with the savings strategy

Expensive bills significantly affect the economy of Italians. The measures to be taken to combat excessive consumption.

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For months, Italian families have had to deal with rising prices. Expensive bills are what are felt the most. All because of a crisis that involved two European nations that decided to go to war. The Kremlin focused on conquest and cut off supplies.

Gas is vital in our homes. A nice convenience mowed down today for a position taken by the Russian leader. His decision literally moved the peninsula which found itself in great discomfort. Unfortunately, the burden always falls on the communities.

From this conflict emerged worrying data about the supply of our country. Those who didn’t flatten themselves on Putin’s side had the worst. You can never join a war that brings panic and death. The revenge was to cut off the supply of the precious fluid.

Dear bills and consumption, the good plans to obtain a huge “discount” on the tax

However, what has been established cannot be reversed overnight. The increases have been decided and little remains to be done. With the right advice, however, it is possible to go into the field with a certain strategy to ensure that you reduce consumption and save money.

Expensive Bills (pixabay)

Research conducted by ENEA offers a vade-mecum for implementing small measures that will make a difference on the next bill. It costs nothing to set it up, at least to guarantee us some respite. It’s the little differences that lead to great savings.

There are no miracles but only the position of certain rules. The annual report could bring us about 180 euros less on the total bill. This is an excellent result according to the study concluded a few weeks ago by the institution responsible for writing the manual.

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In practice, these are good behaviors: first of all, the gas consumption per day is lowered by one degree, for the most daring even two are enough. Radiators should not be on for one hour a day. In practice, radiators must remain off for two weeks a year.

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