Unique coins of undoubted value, take a good look at the coins in the wallet

Exemplary pieces to watch. The list drawn up by numismatists so as not to miss the chance of the corner.

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Sometimes, to get a nice nest egg, you have to have the classic stroke of luck. Lady luck is not always in favor of touching our shoulder and receiving just compensation, but it is possible to be careful. Daily life is based on a monetary system.

The most famous Italian currency will always remain the lira. The old piece has had the opportunity to remake its face many times and some of these evocations may be the protagonists of an unexpected surprise. Numismatists look for specialness in coins.

They know very well that this is how their collection becomes more unique than rare. To try to get the most out of a piece, it is good to recognize it in a special list. The list of exceptional pieces was launched thanks to a team of specialists.

Coins minted to mark a particular moment in history, research pays off

Professionals have composed a kind of identification scale. These are therefore the coins that can surprise by their immense value. It is enough to inform oneself well and to compare those which one must understand if one can dare to change life.

Pieces (pixabay)

There are acronyms that authenticate favorable coins: FDC or Brilliant Uncirculated, that is, without any sign on the coin that could compromise the entity. i.e. no signs of traffic, in excellent condition, with shiny surfaces;

SPL splendid, because their circulation was minimal. BB, beautiful as they show only minimal signs of wear. These should be the main characteristics that the coins should have, especially the 1 euro coins which are the most sought after by numismatists.

The pieces in question have the particularity of being dated from an exceptional event. In our case, there would be those invented for Vatican City from 2002 to 2018, skipping a few years. Or the Republic of San Marino from 2003 to 2016 built for solemnities.

The Principality of Monaco had the opportunity to mint rare coins on the occasion of an important anniversary on the dates of 2004, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2017; Austria instead highlighted the events concerning the famous composer Mozart with some precious coins.

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Other European regions have entered its market of special manufactures with images relating to the event to celebrate. France and Belgium are part of it. Also some countries further east like Latvia, Lithuania, Finland.

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