Treasure in the garden, he digs and finds a large sum but his choice moves everyone

A man finds treasure while digging in the garden, then makes an unexpected decision. All the details.

Excavations (Picture

It’s not every day that you find a hidden treasure. In fact, these are scenes that we often see in certain films, sometimes with pirate protagonists. In reality, however, this is a rather rare thing. Even rarer is discovering chests with rich loot inside.

However, a man, rummaging in the garden, did find a treasure. No safe, but many notes from 1934. The discovery was made by Rich Gilson in the courtyard of his house.

The man was doing maintenance work. At one point, while digging around, he noticed something. At first he thought it was a rock or the roots of some of his plants.

Treasure in the garden, mystery of the buried banknotes solved

Continuing however, a noise seemed strange to him. Indeed, by forcing it with the shovel, a glass broke. At that moment, Rich lifted a bag with a pot inside.

Excavations (Picture

Inside were ten and twenty bills dating back several years, in the amount of one thousand dollars.

Surprisingly, the married couple let it be known that they didn’t want to spend that amount. In fact, it was interesting for them to know the truth behind this particular treasure.

Anyway, who buried these banknotes and why in the Gilsons’ garden? It seemed that it was not at all easy to solve all this, but the mystery was solved.

The money belonged to a person who had previously lived in this apartment.

We are talking about James Dempsey, who decided to bury these banknotes for fear of losing them. This is why he asked his daughter to hide them in the yard, which he did exceedingly well.

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In fact, his family could no longer find them. With extreme luck, however, Rich found this sum which, however, as mentioned, he decided not to spend.

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