Toxic algae, the alert is triggered in this region: what are the risks

Toxic algae, the alert has been triggered in this region: what is the risk? Lots of public concern. Details not to be missed.

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The warm season has long arrived, and during the weekend many go to the seaside areas. Unfortunately, with the arrival of summer, there are also small inconveniences.

This is what is happening in sunny Sicily, the protagonist of an episode that is simply unpleasant and which worries the safety of bathers. Let’s find out what’s going on together.

Palermo, the alarm goes off in Capaci and Isola delle Femmine. Swimming is prohibited due to the presence of toxic algae

The toxic algae alarm has gone off again in the Palermo area. Especially in the area of ​​Capaci and Isola delle Femmine.

Palermo (Image from Pixabay)

The scientific term is ostreopsis ovata: it is a microscopic algae that lives not only in tropical seas, but also in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The areas in which this species appears are subject to continuous monitoring interventions. Thanks to this, it was possible to verify that in Capaci and Isola delle Femmine their value exceeds that permitted by law.

What did you plan to do? First, the mayor issued an ordinance banning swimming in Capaci. The same goes for Isola delle Femmine. Thus, swimmers who choose these spaces for their relaxation are warned and protected. But what are the risks of this toxic algae?

As we have just mentioned, it is a species that lives in warm waters and its proliferation is precisely linked to climatic conditions. What happens if you get in touch? Poisoning occurs by inhaling aerosols containing fragments of algae cells or toxins.

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What are the symptoms? Fever, nausea, sore throat, headache, conjunctiva. Usually everything resolves within 48 hours, but in longer cases it is necessary to contact your doctor.

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