Tomatoes under investigation, Coldiretti sounds the alarm: disastrous repercussions

Growing tomatoes a problem to contend with. The alarm of producers should not be underestimated, the risk is great.

Tomatoes (pixaby)

Tomatoes also give Italian production a lot of headaches. The queen of summer tables found herself in the sights of consumers. Italy is a great producer of the very particular fruit of the earth. It is a versatile food that can be cooked in a thousand ways.

Its health properties are well known and they are also low in calories. Essential and precious ingredient in restaurant kitchens. In many countries there is still the tradition of preparing preserves at home for the whole winter. A meticulous work but which guarantees a quality product.

For some time now, our country has been repotting foreign production that called into question the made in Italy product. This year, the end of the world has arrived given the summer that awaited us. Scorching highs rolled in from the South African front and brought crops to their knees.

The tomato in the sights of producers, high costs and exported products

The tomato got me shopping in the first place. The Coldiretti announced it by admitting an 11% reduction in harvests. The heat wave is also The drought made the tomato plants suffer a lot and the drought decimated the harvest.

Tomatoes (pixaby)

The consequence was an increase in prices but not only for the product but also for the glass or the cans containing the famous sauce. On the shelves, a bottle of tomato sauce got an 8% increase. Unjust revenge is still in the pockets of the Italians.

Mr. Francesco Mutti, CEO of one of the Italian excellences of salsa, denounces the rise in prices. It calls for urgent action to ensure it does not weigh on end-consumer spending. It is a real cry of alarm.

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We hope that the government will be sensitive to the just demand of the producers of made in Italy sauce. These are months when customers are subject to increases due to the crisis in Eastern Europe. Also to be added are the natural disasters caused by climate change.

It’s time to really take shelter, the situation is no longer tenable.

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