today it is possible to buy a house at almost zero cost

It sounds incredible, but today it is possible to buy a house for little money, thanks to a house bonus that saves a lot of money. Who can request it.

Entrance to a house (Canvas)

Good news for those who are planning to buy a house and need practical help. A bonus has recently been available which allows you to save a lot, up to 50% of the price of the property.

The outgoing government of Mario Draghi has in recent months given the green light to numerous incentives for families in difficulty, and this has allowed, for example, certain categories of workers to receive 200 euros more in paychecks or on citizenship income. Not only that, but soon also the VAT will be able to obtain them and all low-income people will also have the possibility of applying for the transport allowance.

A way to help citizens, who have found themselves faced with many increases and increases, such as those on electricity and gas and fuel bills. Not to mention the cost of food shopping, which has also increased considerably.

Bonus fund: how it works and who the service is for

Now, a bonus is on the way for those who want to buy a house, although certain conditions must be met to obtain it. Moreover, the measure is not valid for all of Italy but only for certain regions.

This is the case of Emilia-Romagna, which is trying to stem the problem of depopulation in the mountain municipalities of the Apennines, and has decided to launch a call for tenders that allows it to receive up to 30,000 euros in subsidies to those who decide to go live in the mountains. However, the candidates must present certain characteristics to be able to obtain the sum: they must be aged under 40 and have an ISEE not exceeding 50,000 euros per year.

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In addition, people will have the obligation for 5 years not to sell or rent the house, precisely because the purpose of the announcement is to repopulate the mountain communities. The ranking will prioritize young couples with children and those who already reside in the area or at least work there.

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