Ticks, the emergency explodes in our country: the invasion of parasites increases

Growing mints, the new alert spreading across the peninsula. Pay attention.

Ticks (pixabay)

What summer brings! Unfortunately, these are not all nice things. This year he is really pushing our patience to the limit. The heat coming from the African desert exhausts us. Italy is gasping and there seems to be no hope for freshness to arrive.

A few sporadic thunderstorms and lightning which also proved deadly for many people. This weird weather brings a situation that is not exactly positive for the ecosystem. Between exaggerated dryness or sudden waves, even hated guests have thought of proliferating.

Summer brings not only beautiful swallows to paradise, but also ticks. They managed to invade our country thanks to the too hot climate. Not only have wild boars been spotted downtown, but these pesky insects are found everywhere.

Zecche, a real alert has been triggered, particularly in certain regions of Italy.

In the Veronese it has been found that some mints have. Many sick. Emergencies found it by triggering the alert against these animals. Piedmont also became the protagonist of an invasion in the woods and mountains. Their presence has grown a lot lately.

The reason for this alert is explained to us by a well-known veterinarian who blames the explosion of heat that came too soon. In fact, three months of March and April had temperatures between 32 and 35 degrees. Experts recommend some tips to prevent ticks from biting us.

When a march is planned, a scanner must protect the lower extremities with closed boots and thick socks. If by decision we bring our faithful friend with us, it is useful to spray the pesticide. It is always best to avoid these triggers when the alarm is triggered.

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If you really can’t live without it, be careful when you get home. Undress and check on ourselves and our dog for the presence of the annoying animal. If bitten, rush to the emergency room.

At home, the animal can be removed with fine forceps, making a small twisting motion. Disinfect with alcohol or tincture of iodine.

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