Ticks, alert for the presence of a giant form: the situation

Ticks, exaggerated insect sizes have been discovered on Lake Como. Naturalists are in big trouble.

Ticks (pixabay)

It became a real alarm. Giant tropical ticks infest the famous Lombard lake. Lately, we haven’t missed anything. Now it is also the turn of these parasites in constant presence in the north of the peninsula.

We have been fighting visible and invisible enemies for three years now. The pandemic closed us at home the downside had been a regenerated nature. Pure waters, transparent paths, finer air and lush nature.

In 2022, it seems that everything has had a general upheaval. Not only does covid not leave us alone, but the crisis between two eastern states has also set in. We find ourselves now in the middle of summer. A fun relaxing vacation.

Zecche, the Lario soon overwhelmed by the swarm of fearsome tropical insects

Due to the conflict, the fuel skyrocketed. It was accompanied by a series of increases and an exaggerated price spike. Before booking the long-awaited vacation, Italians have to do the math in their pocket. Nature also makes its displeasure felt.

Ticks (pixabay)

Invasions not only of wild boars in the city center in search of food but also of cockroaches and cockroaches. The latest news that is ringing the alarm bells in the naturalist environment is ticks. Experts have denounced a real invasion on the beautiful Lake Como.

The tick is giant and tropical and is also declared dangerous. Hyalomma marginatum is a widespread parasite in Africa and southern Europe. Until now, no news had ever been heard, but with the scorching climate, the insects have also appeared in the rest of Europe.

Experts fear that the giant tropical tick will find its habitat in the plain. It is 10 times larger and feeds on a lot of blood. They come out to identify the victim at a distance of 100 m and attack mammals and we deduce that it is also dangerous for humans.

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It is likely that it can transmit bacteria or pathogens. The tick bite can even be fatal. Environmentalists are asking to take shelter as soon as possible and put in place the appropriate defenses.

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