this is the greatest artist. Discovery rewrites history

Hidden Self-Portrait: About the greatest artist of all time. The discovery rewrites the pages of art history. The details.

Van Gogh’s Hidden Self-Portrait (Photo from Instagram)

The art world hides many mysteries. Many questions lurk behind the life and works of the greatest masters. In particular, a very recent discovery in the halls of the National Gallery in Scotland has caught the attention of experts.

We are in the presence of a fortuitous discovery, but which shed new light on the career of Vincent Van Gogh. The discovery has won over the greatest art historians who are eager to study and analyze the artist’s work closely. .

Incredible discovery: a hidden self-portrait of Van Gogh was found behind another of his paintings

It appeared that behind the famous painting Peasant head – property of the Scottish Museum – hid another great self-portrait by the Dutch master, which will soon be featured in the exhibition.

As we just mentioned, a new self-portrait was accidentally discovered behind the artist’s famous painting. A Van Gogh behind another Van Gogh – began the director of the Museum, who handed the painting over to experts to have it analyzed radiographically.

The exciting discovery lays new ground for reflection and will be the focus of the next exhibition organized by the museum complex. The self-portrait was found after the painting – Head of a Peasant – was restored by museum experts.

What does the self-portrait hide? It depicts a man with a thick beard and a wide-brimmed hat. A typical handkerchief tied around the neck. The pose is typically the one chosen by the great Dutch artist for his self-portraits.

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Currently, museum researchers are considering whether to also bring the hidden treasure into fashion, which for the time being will only be displayed in a display case for the next exhibition.

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