they are the most poisonous species present in Italy

Let’s find out which are the most venomous and dangerous species of snakes in Italy and where they are found in our country. All the details.

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There are more than twenty species of snakes in our country. Most of them are completely harmless. However, some are toxic and potentially dangerous to humans.

These are vipers. In all, five species of vipers are present in Italy. We are talking about the common viper, the Orsini viper, the viper, the horned viper and the Walser viper. Some think that the latter is a species, while, according to others, it is a subspecies of the viper.

The fact is that a bite by one of these vipers cannot be ruled out, especially in the summer months. However, if you are bitten by one of these snakes, it is not certain that you are poisoned, since in more than half of the cases these vipers do not inject the venom.

Snakes, the most venomous and dangerous species present in Italy

The common viper is the most widespread in our country, except in Sardinia, where this species of snake is not found.

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The viper, Walser’s viper and horned viper are present in the eastern central alpine regions. The Orsini viper, on the other hand, is found in a few areas of the central Apennines.

The common viper has a grayish or brown color and a black zigzag pattern on the dorsal vertebral region.

The viper is very similar to the common viper, has a short, stocky body, a triangular head and vertical pupils.

The Walser viper shares many morphological characteristics with the viper, which is why, according to some, it would be one of its subspecies.

Orsini’s Viper is a very small snake and generally not dangerous to humans. However, it is always advisable to consult a doctor if you are bitten by a snake of this species.

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The horned viper is a snake that has a “horn” on the tip of its snout. Its venom is very toxic, but it is not very common for it to attack humans.

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