these are the most expensive motorway sections of the Peninsula

Fuel prices in Italy have skyrocketed and for the month of August the situation will become even more tragic. In addition, there are sections of highway that are more expensive than others.

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Gasoline and diesel prices have risen considerably for months, weighing on the pockets of citizens and those who have to use the car on a daily basis. The government tried to meet this sudden expense for the citizens and decided to reduce the excise duty by 30 cents.

This allowed millions of motorists to breathe a little, but soon this situation will end, and the fuel will go up in a maddening way. This will happen precisely in the most difficult period for the Italians, given that the extension will end in August, the month in which many compatriots set out to reach the most disparate vacation spots.

The Codacons recently analyzed Italy’s motorways, compiling a list of the most expensive stretches of motorway that citizens will soon find themselves traveling by car.

Skyrocketing fuel: these are the most expensive sections of motorway

First, the association established that drivers of diesel cars have suffered the most hikes, up around 35.3% against “only” 26% of petrol compared to 2021. A real “coup hard” for the Italians. And that’s not all.

Codacons has in fact examined the sections of motorways, establishing how much motorists will spend on average in terms of fuel: to travel from Turin to Reggio Calabria, the cost for 1,362 km will be 330.80 euros return for a vehicle operating to unleaded petrol, with an increase of 69 euros compared to last year. From Milan to Lecce, instead, 250.30 euros will be spent, a good 52.50 euros more than in 2021.

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However, the most expensive stretch in Italy is that of Bolzano-Trapani: for 1646 km the cost will be almost 400 euros round trip, with an increase of around 83 euros for a petrol car and 332.8 euros for a diesel vehicle, i.e. 87 euros more than in 2021. A real trickle for the pockets of citizens.

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