there is one that is worth a thousand times its face value

More and more Italians are passionate about numismatics, go to flea markets and visit websites in search of rare coins. There is one that is worth a blunder!

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There are more and more numismatic enthusiasts in Italy. Thanks to the two years of the pandemic, during which they found themselves forced to stay at home to avoid contagion, Italians sought new leisure activities to pass the time.

Among the many, also collecting rare coins. This has led many citizens to peruse sites and online auctions in search of fine, high-value specimens.

These are not only old coins, but also recent currencies, such as the euro. The new minting, which came into effect in 2000, now features some very expensive coins that are coveted by collectors willing to spend a lot to get them. Pieces therefore dating back no more than 22 years.

Precious Coins: These Euros are worth a lot!

This is the case, for example, of a 2 euro coin, the one whose value is the highest among those in circulation. Obviously, there are very specific reasons that make it so sought after. These are especially those that are minted for special occasions or that have emission errors.

For example, there are those invented by the Vatican City in 2005 on the occasion of Youth Day, which today are worth around 300 euros. even those of San Marino in 2004 are bought by collectors for a good 200 euros. Slovenia issued 40,000 coins in 2007, which are worth 50 euros today. The one whose value is the highest, however, dates from 15 years ago, and was created and put into circulation to pay tribute to the famous actress, who died tragically in 1982 while she was in a car with her daughter. Stephanie.

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This is the 2 euro coin issued by the Principality of Monaco in 2007, dedicated to the unforgettable Grace Kelly. Today these coins, issued in only 2000 copies, are worth between 2000 and 2500 euros. It costs nothing, so to check carefully among those in our possession, you never know that luck has decided to kiss you!

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