there is one that can earn you thousands of dollars!

Numismatics is one of the last great passions of Italians, who are increasingly looking for the most valuable coins in circulation.

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For some time now, especially over the past two years, Italians have rediscovered their passion for collecting, numismatics or philatelic. More and more compatriots are eagerly looking for rare and special pieces around vintage markets or online auctions.

With the advent of the euro, in 2000, the old lira acquired additional value for collectors and today there are several copies that are even worth a lot of money. Therefore, it is better to keep coins that you may find in the attic or in the cellar carefully and as well as possible: they could be worth a small (but up to a certain point) treasure.

This is the case, for example, of a specimen from a few decades ago that numismatic enthusiasts are now ready to pay a lot to obtain and which of course is very rare.

Rare Coins: These coins are worth a lot. Here is what they are

We refer in particular to the 50 Lira with the image of the Vulcan God printed on the side. It is a coin issued from 1954 to 1989, later replaced by the smaller one called Vulcano 2 and the one called Italia Turrita. However, these two specimens did not have the same success as the previous one.

There is one, in particular, that is even worth thousands of dollars today. The State Mint, before putting these coins into circulation, a few PMesi before, in 1954, produced a few experimental copies, with on the side, next to the image of God, the word, in fact, “evidence”. It is precisely these that numismatists seek with great enthusiasm, being rare and therefore extremely valuable.

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In fact, these failed specimens are often the most requested, with errors or peculiarities that make them one of a kind. Obviously they must be kept in optimal conditions, if not even in Fior di Conio. Consider that one of those 50 liras was recently valued at over 6,000 euros.

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