there is a mockery for the workers

Citizenship income is confirmed as a fundamental measure, INPS data reveal worrying scenarios in the world of work.

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Discussions on citizenship income are increasing. A measure that in recent years has helped many Italian families, in difficult economic conditions, but has also created controversy over those who have perceived it improperly.

In any case, it is an important measure. The front is divided between those who would like to abolish it and those who would like to improve it, by reviewing certain parameters. But, of course, it is the thermometer that indicates that there are various aspects of the labor market that are not working in our country. And the confirmation comes from the data communicated by the INPS.

In Rome, the usual annual report was presented by the pension institution, which brought to light particularly alarming data. In particular, approximately one worker in four, among salaried employees, would earn less than the amount guaranteed by the Citizenship Income, ie 780 euros.

Citizenship income, data on employees and pensions ignite controversy: INPS report

The data was presented by INPS President Pasquale Tridico and shows a particularly bleak picture. The distortions appear obvious, as well as the need to remedy a situation which, in the long term, could seriously affect the quality of life of several million Italians.

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Concretely, we learn that more than 3.3 million employees earn less than 9 euros gross per hour. This revives the discussion, among other things, on the guaranteed minimum wage, but that’s not all.

Shifting the focus to pensions, in fact, the INPS explains that 32% of retirees, ie an audience of approximately 5 million and 120,000 people, receive less than 1,000 euros per month. In the future, the situation is bound to get worse. People born between 1965 and 1980, at the time of their retirement, with 30 years of paid contributions and a salary of 9 euros per horde, will receive a pension equal to 750 euros. An average doomed, moreover, to fall further.

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The picture is completed by inflation, which for 2022 has been estimated at 8%. A figure that will bring pension spending to 24 billion euros next year.

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