the wait is for the next few days

Weather not really reassuring for the next few days. Summer is at a turning point and attention is turning to the Centre-Nord.

Weather (pixaby)

September is upon us and the weather does not bode well. We were invaded by an exceptional abnormal heat wave. High temperatures with unbearable heat brought the Italian peninsula to its knees. Air conditioners run perpetually for a bit of breath.

The rest of Europe also had its beautiful breath with thermometers that reached almost 40 degrees. The tricolor nation was hit hard by the Saharan anticyclone. It all started with the first signs of spring. Among swallows and gems also a desert surprise.

Already in the Easter period we were hit by very sunny days for the period. It just seemed like a passing disturbance and instead it has continued like this to the present day. The consequences of shooting mercury in the bullets had consequences.

Weather, extreme climate variation, the next few months will be discouraging

Drought and inconveniences for crops and livestock have not been lacking. A great poverty of water and the beds of the rivers transformed into dilapidated streets. Even some courses like the Po have seen the birth of islands of sand never seen before.

Weather (pixaby)

Cultivated land could not benefit from good irrigation and therefore most of the harvest was lost. A catastrophic event that joins the conflict in Eastern Europe. The head of the Kremlin decided to beat the Italians who did not support him by increasing the fuel.

From frying pan to grill, that would mean. Meteorologists warn us that all this exceptional heat has also increased the temperature of the seas, so there is more energy at stake for the development of alarming disturbances. In September, the central-north regions will be the protagonists of the floods.

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This was stated by Colonel Mario Giuliacci of the European Forecast Center. Cooling scenarios were analyzed for September. Next month’s situation will give a hard time between falling temperatures and cloudiness and for the past few days natural disasters have been unleashed.

Tornadoes and gusts of wind at 100km/h are by no means a good omen for the end of summer.

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