the spread is like wildfire. What are the risks

The spider alarm is getting more and more worrying: the spread of these animals is like wildfire. What are the risks ? Let’s find out.

Spider (Image from Pixabay)

Spiders are among the most feared animals by humans, probably also for their not really innocuous appearance. There are over 34,000 different species in the world. Many of them are real predators. We absolutely have to get away from it.

What characteristics do all spiders have in common? They tend to feed mainly on insects: they have sleepy eight-legged bodies that divide into three different segments. Like so many of his kind, they also lose.

However, they also have a few points in their favor as they keep insects away. The most dangerous in the world are the black widow spider and the violin spider which contain within them a very powerful poison for both animals and humans.

Spiders alert across Europe: the “false black widow” is multiplying profusely. What to do? The details

During the summer, these animals tend to be more present, as they are attracted to the higher temperatures. Often, however, this can be a problem for humans. Let’s find out what happened.

A spider (Image from Pixabay)

As we said, there are many species of spiders in nature and one of the most dangerous is the black widow spider. Similar to him there is also the Steatoda Nobilis: in a short time it has become very common. Its distribution is decidedly very wide.

Where is he? Especially in Europe? What are its particularities? Its bite proves to be very dangerous for humans. The alarm was raised by Britain – hit by scorching heat. The high temperatures favored the profusion of the animal.

We mentioned that this dangerous specimen first developed in the Canary Islands and Portugal: it was only later that other European countries were affected by the spread of the spider. It has been considered an invasive species for over ten years.

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The reason for such large-scale dissemination is to be found in climate change, which has literally upset our world.

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