The scariest lizard, a species of miniature “crocodile”: the discovery in Italy

An event that leaves you speechless. A crocodile lizard scares passers-by with its menacing attitude. Unbelievable.

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The crocodile lizard is a rarity but it really does exist. We all know this little reptile that looks like a miniature dinosaur But really very very miniature. He loves to bask in the warm rays of the sun or stay for a long time climbing on the walls. She is lightning fast and is a cold blooded animal.

He constantly needs to replenish in the heat. It usually has a color ranging from brown to green and a length of 10 to 15 cm. A larger version and a bright green color and the green lizard. The lizard has a long tail and sometimes the term is also forked.

Rumor has it that anyone who comes face to face with a double-tailed creature will forever be lucky. The small reptile is herbivorous and feeds on small animals that it finds during its hunt. It has a very fine and fulminant tongue to immediately seize its prey.

The lizard that attacks humans, as determined and reckless as a crocodile

A video is circulating on the web that has aroused excitement but also curiosity. It is common for lizards to run away when they hear noises or sense human presence. Yet this recovery seems angry and very aggressive.

At the sight of the boys filming her with the cell phone, she comes forward threateningly, opening her little mouth. She is very angry, almost like a crocodile. The species itself exists even though it does not actually live in Europe. Such a species survives very well in China.

The lizard in the video is really reckless and almost wants to attack those in front of it. Webbed legs walk quickly like a real boss. Amateur videos also recoil a bit scared by the lion-hearted animal.

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A show that leaves you speechless. The little reptile swells its proud chest and there is no way to calm it down. Better to let it go. in his ancestors there were certainly dinosaurs and it is not known how the strange circumstance can end. Nature is amazing and never ceases to amaze.

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