the remains of an old city have emerged

Italy is still the protagonist of an astonishing archaeological discovery: the remains of an ancient city submerged for decades have emerged. The details.

Drought (Image from Pixabay)

Italy has become the protagonist of another fascinating archaeological discovery. Unfortunately, this time it is a very unpleasant phenomenon: dryness. With the anticipation of summer, in fact, and with the dizzying increase in temperatures, many lakes and rivers have seen their waters recede.

For example, in Rome, the remains of an ancient bridge have emerged, but what we are talking about is incredible. The drought brought to light the presence of an old city buried by water decades and decades ago. Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

The place of discovery are the Cancano lakes, which are two basins in the center of Valtellina. Immersed in the suggestive Stelvio National Park, they are one of the most popular tourist destinations for Italians for their mountain holidays.

Italy, the remains of an ancient city that remained submerged for years and years emerge

As we just mentioned, our country is experiencing a very hot summer. Rising temperatures have severely damaged agriculture and caused rivers to dry up.

Cancano Lakes (photo from Instagram)

The remains of an ancient city emerged from the drought, which was completely submerged during the construction of the Cancano Lakes Dam. As mentioned above, these are two suggestive man-made pools that were built between the early 1920s and the first half of the 1950s.

It had been years since there had been such a low water level, so much so that only in this way was it possible to discover some of the buildings submerged by tons of water. They are old buildings covered in sand and mud.

Seeing them from afar really suggests that this may be a ghost town, abandoned and without any form of life. Although his drowning was planned by the works in progress, it seems that the country wants to come back to light.

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Although we are in the presence of something never before seen, we are still confronted with the sad phenomenon of drought. An alarm bell for the whole national territory.

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